Copywriting services

SEO & web copywriting

Drive traffic to your website and turn visitors into customers.

Brochures & catalogues

Create clear, interesting and compelling brand assets.

Content copywriting

Inform, entertain and engage with relevant content to establish authority.

Advertising campaigns

Eye-catching, persuasive, cross-media copy.

Direct response

Inspire an action from a direct mail or email.

Case studies

Use customer success stories to generate leads.

"Jess gives us effective, engaging copy which our readers and Google love.

She's great to work with and I would definitely recommend her" - Rich Hudson, MD, ReAgent Chemicals

Why work with me? It's not only about the copy...

I understand your business needs

I focus on how copy and content writing fit into your marketing and business strategies.

I prioritise your customers

I’ll get to know your target audience so I can tell them a story they want to hear in a clear, convincing and relevant voice for your business.

I focus on conversion

I understand the importance of lead generation, the sales funnel and ROI – and how to write copy to meet your objectives in these areas.

How I work

As a freelance copy and content writer I’m flexible and self-motivated, and I focus on learning to constantly improve.

My experience

15+ years in marketing including LEGO, and in the education, travel, energy and banking industries means I know where you’re coming from.

How we work together

I like building great working relationships with my clients, working as a team to ensure the copy and content is right for you and your customers.

"Jess was our no. 1 copywriter whatever the communication channel.

Her copy is clear, easy to understand and persuasive" - Michaela Halt, Community & PR Manager, LEGO Education

About me

Hello! I’m Jessica, a freelance copy and content writer in Chester (near the bright lights of Manchester and Liverpool in the UK’s sunny north). I believe that expert copywriting is a craft, linguistic gymnastics which leaps off the page or screen, somersaulting around your mind until you’re convinced that the only thing to do is take part. Armed with my laptop, a creative brain, a passion for prose and more than 17 years’ marketing experience with brands both big and small, I use the power of words to influence, persuade and inspire people to take action.

Copywriting services rates

My rates reflect the value I provide to you as a client, whether that’s increasing your customer base or how much they spend, lead generation, changing perceptions or raising brand awareness. I charge per project, which includes not only writing the copy, but also time to research, plan, discuss, revise and iterate. A project can be particularly complex or need time to develop creative ideas; you may need a few alternative versions, for me to work with third parties, need the copy quickly or have a very large project scope.

After discussing your requirements and taking these elements into consideration, I’ll provide a proposal and a quote – but I also understand that a ballpark figure is sometimes really useful before we have a chat, so with that in mind a guideline price is £340 per day. I’m also happy to discuss working on a retainer basis.

Jessica Clifton