Copywriting Packages for Small Businesses

My new copywriting packages for small businesses mean that you have time to get on with your business, while I create content that’s useful and relevant for your target audience, and suits your style. (And don’t worry, if these packages don’t exactly suit your needs, we can create one just for you. Contact me to discuss your needs.)


The Basic Package: £399 per month
(usually £449 – save £50 per month)

The Medium Package: £719 per month
(usually £799 – save £80 per month)

The Large Package: £999 per month
(usually £1,099 – save £100 per month)

Limited to three businesses per package for Basic, and two businesses per package for Medium-Sized and Large.

The Basic Copywriting Package

£449 £399

(per month)

  • 2 SEO-friendly blog posts
  • 1 e-newsletter
  • 1 website landing page rewrite
  • Quarterly content plan


The Medium Copywriting Package

£799 £719

(per month)

  • 3 SEO-friendly blog posts
  • 2 e-newsletters
  • 2 website landing page rewrites OR 1 brand new landing page
  • Quarterly content plan
  • Includes a FREE digital content audit with recommendations


The Large Copywriting Package

£1,099 £999

(per month)

  • 4 SEO- friendly blog posts
  • 2 e-newsletters
  • 3 website landing page rewrites OR 2 brand new landing pages
  • Social media copy for two channels (four posts per week)
  • 1 customer case study
  • Quarterly content plan
  • Includes a FREE digital content audit with recommendations


Minimum three months per package. No VAT will be included

Wait, there’s more…

All my packages include time for research, where I’ll get to know your business and your target audience. They also include time for calls and meetings, plus two sets of revisions for every piece of copy.

How a copywriting package adds value to your business

Content is king, right? That’s a thoroughly over-used phrase, but like most clichés it’s true. Consistently great content helps you improve your search engine rankings, drives traffic to your site, generates leads, and the golden nugget, it increases sales.

But (and this is a ‘but’ of epic proportions)…it takes time. It takes research, planning, writing, re-writing, re-writing again and maybe once more, editing, and proof-reading before you get something like your final copy. And even then you may do a little re-write.

It’s also helpful if you know what you’re doing. I wouldn’t consider tiling my own bathroom. In fact, I struggle just to hang a picture. DIY is not my greatest strength, but I’ve come to terms with that and now I pay an expert professional to do it for me. I know that they’ll do a better job than I ever could, and it frees me up to get on with other things.

The same is true of copywriting. For many people, writing is a daunting, stressful and time-consuming process, and all that is exaggerated because you know how important it is.

Jessica Clifton