Advertising Campaigns

There is an art to writing press advertising campaigns that your readers will remember. You may only need a tagline, a couple of bullet points or one paragraph, but they have to leap off the page and instantly mean something to your reader.

Writing press advertising copy takes time to research, to gain a deep understanding of your target audience and their pain points or challenges, to understand what makes your company unique and to balance creativity with a sales message.

Copywriting services - advertising campaigns

How does it work? In order for me to write great advertising copy, I’ll need a great brief from you (I can help with this, too). I’ll provide three different versions for you to choose from – a ‘safe’ option, a ‘brave’ option and something in between. They’ll all work and they’ll all demonstrate benefits and have a zinging call to action, but I understand that you will need to go for the option that suits your needs best.

I’m also happy to work with your designers to ensure that the copy and the visuals work together to create an outstanding advertising campaign. Fill in my contact form to find out how I can help you with your next campaign.

Jessica Clifton