Brochures & Catalogues

Brochures and catalogues? Relics of the past, surely? Not so. These assets can give brands credibility and authenticity, supporting online marketing and other channels to enhance your image and position in your market.

I’ve written many brochures and catalogues over the years, and the most successful ones – i.e. the ones which generate the most sales – have always been those which tell a compelling, easy to read story that resonates with the target audience, focuses on the benefits of the product or service and gives the reader something they need (even if they didn’t know they needed it).

Copywriting services - brochures and cataloguesBrochures and catalogues are definitely not just about design and beautiful images – yes, that certainly helps – but if your copy doesn’t solve a problem, provide value or explain your products or services in a clear, engaging way, your reader is unlikely to keep it on their coffee table or pass it on to their friends.

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Jessica Clifton