Direct Response Copywriting

Direct response copywriting should trigger an immediate reaction. It should speak to you, mean something to you, and leave you with no choice but to take up the call to action. Provoking this type of reaction requires a detailed knowledge of your audience and some pretty clever copywriting, starting with an attention-grabbing headline before going on to inform, persuade, and then convince your reader to act – whether that’s to purchase, sign up to your mailing list, download an e-book or maybe follow you on social media. Whatever the call to action is, it needs to be strong and compelling.

Copywriting services - direct response copywritingMy direct response copywriting services include direct mail and sales letters which, while seemingly universally disliked, really do work if done well – and there are many ways to do them well. It also includes email and e-newsletters, which may be quick to send but take time to put together, from thinking through ideas for a string of emails to writing snappy subject lines, personalisation and segmentation.

Direct response marketing is worthwhile because it’s targeted, trackable and measurable – as quickly as your reader acts, you know about it, and you know how successful your marketing is. Take a look at my previous work for LEGO, where a direct response campaign I wrote generated twice as many leads as were forecast.

It’s also pretty affordable, leaving you with some extra budget to pay someone who can do it well…fill in my contact form and let’s have a chat.

Jessica Clifton