SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is very close to web and content writing, but also aims to boost your website’s position on search engine ranking pages (SERPs). While Google’s notorious lack of transparency means that there isn’t a fail-safe method of getting your website to number one, good SEO copywriting, tried-and-tested techniques and the latest SEO knowledge can give your site a better chance.

What does it involve? To write good SEO copy, I firstly need to delve into your keywords to figure out which ones Google likes and use them accordingly – I can help you with keyword analysis to identify these keywords and phrases.

Copywriting services - SEO copywritingHowever, SEO copywriting isn’t just about using your keywords arbitrarily. The copy itself should first and foremost be relevant, useful, and written for your reader, not for Google. This is one of the things Google looks for when it ranks pages. It’s all about the quality of the writing and seamlessly incorporating your keywords into the copy, not the number of times you can shoehorn your keywords in. Plus, content that your audience loves will have a greater chance of being shared and linked to, which in turn helps your SEO.

I also understand how web pages are coded and write copy for the technical page elements including headers, meta tags, page descriptions and images, to give your website the best possible chance of SEO success.

Finally, it’s also important for me to keep my SEO knowledge up to date – Google regularly changes its algorithms and I make sure I know how Google analyses content and all the latest trends so that I can pass on my knowledge to you.

If you need highly optimised, engaging SEO copywriting services (doesn’t everyone?), just fill in my contact form below and let’s have a chat.

Jessica Clifton